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A twelve week fully customized program for busy women who want get fit, strong and flexible.

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Extend Yourself: Fit, Strong and Flexible

Hi! I'm Jamilla Deville.
I'm a pole artist and coach with 20 years' experience; I am also a Crossfit© athlete. Over the years I have transformed myself into a high level athlete in multiple disciplines. But I didn't always have this knowledge and I wasn't always this active. As a teenager I struggled for years with my body; I had to teach myself what it was to have a loving and functional relationship with myself, through nutrition, exercise and mindset, from the inside out.

From dance to aerial arts, pole and cross training, I know what it is to struggle with overwhelm and confusion when it comes to training and nutrition. I also know what it is to make the decision to put your health and fitness FIRST and to go for it with 100% commitment!

You are busy; life makes many demands on you. But you also know that health (and therefore fitness) is EVERYTHING. Deep down inside, you know that we are capable of so much more than we realize! And, just as I did, you want to experience that potential in yourself.

And when we put in the effort, the rewards are way beyond our wildest imaginings.

Are you ready to make the effort?!

As I tour my classes and workshops, sometimes also feature performing, I meet many pole athletes who thank me for having been a positive influence on their lives. I may have never met them before; often they know me through my DVDs as well as my social media; but witnessing my passion for this art form, and for fitness in general as an integral part of our health, they have felt inspired and motivated to push forwards with their own dreams. It was their connection with my story and my journey; that was the key that motivated them to put in the effort and the long haul commitment.

And it's always worth it.

I want to be there for you now, as your personal coach, guiding you and keeping your accountable, to create the transformation you want.

I have been blessed to have had many mentors and coaches over the years. Some simply taught me the technical knowledge I needed; others inspired me with their experience and their story; others also gifted me with true wisdom. I share all of this with my people. I have watched my athletes not only transform into toned, strong and flexible physical performers, but I've also witnessed them shift mentally, gaining lasting self awareness and confidence that takes them onward, long beyond their course, benefiting them throughout life.

I want that for you too! A strong and flexible body is a wonderful thing but it’s not everything when the person inside is playing small and invisible. I invite you to reach beyond the achievements you’ve already made, and find the athlete in you who is ready to shine.

Are you with me?! Let's go!

"Extend Yourself" is a twelve week fully-customized program for athletes who are ready to get into the best shape of their lives.


"Flexi Strong" is a four week, full-customized program focusing on strength, fitness and flexibility.


Is your training unstructured, random and getting you nowhere in particular?

Are you frustrated because you're lacking accountability?

What if you had "one-on-one" guidance from me to achieve your goals and to build the body that looks and performs the way you want it to?

What does it take to evolve from everyday to exceptional?


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